Why You Should Replace Headlight Bulbs in Pairs

headlight bulbsProperly functioning headlights are all the more important now that winter is here. Winter means less daylight and more rain that can obscure visibility. Replacing a bulb is a fairly easy DIY process in most cases. We do recommend, however, that you replace headlight bulbs in pairs.

The Case for Replacing Headlight Bulbs in Pairs

Typically, car owners only replace the headlight when it completely goes out. They replace the light at an auto shop or replace the bulb themselves. Regardless of how you go about the replacement, we advise switching out both bulbs. We recommend this from a safety perspective.

Replacing only one headlight bulb produces an uneven beam. An average headlight bulb projects a 240-foot beam when it’s new. Within three years, the length of the beam diminishes to about 160-feet.

Safety Liability

With old bulbs drivers may have a harder time seeing what is up ahead. This is especially so in rainy or snowy conditions.

An uneven beam caused by an old bulb-new bulb combination also creates problems for oncoming traffic. Drivers from the opposite lane may not be able to see the beam from the older headlight. This may cause them to mistake your car for a motorcycle.

Just as you should replace all the tires at once, you should do the same for the car lights. Replacing headlights are fairly easy, and the bulbs are often sold in pairs at auto stores. Plus, once one of the light goes out, then the other is probably also near the end of life. You might as well replace both lights to save yourself the hassle down the road.

We’ll Replace Your Car Lights

Bring your car to Avery Automotive if a bulb goes out or begins to dim. Our auto repairs include head, tail, signal, and high beam replacement. We may cover this in our repair financing. In any case, replacing headlight bulbs in pairs is recommended practice.

Car Light Replacement

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