Driving Over a Dip in the Road—Can this Damage Your Car if You Go Too Fast?

dip in the roadThe Monroe area has some really deep dips in the road. Some drivers drive over a dip in the road without slowing down. This causes the car to bounce and the suspension to make contact with the floor. Does this cause any damage to the vehicle?

Your Car Bounced After Driving Through a Dip, Now What?

Your car could be fine after speeding through a dip, so no need to worry too much. You should, however, be cognizant of any vehicle irregularities right afterwards. Driving through a dip is not unlike driving through a big pothole. The potential damage is similar.

For starters, this could damage the vehicle’s rack and pinion. The bounce also puts a lot of stress on the shock absorbers. You might also be looking at a damaged suspension. This is especially likely to happen if the car is lowered.

After going over the dip, does the car pull in one direction? Does the handling feel off? Do you begin to hear sounds or feel vibrations? These are all signs of a compromised suspension stemming from broken ball joints, damaged struts, or misalignment. Immediately bring your car to an auto repair service to pinpoint any issues.

Dips May Cause Hydroplaning

In addition, dips can also collect water from a rain or storm. If you drive too quickly over it, the tires may accumulate too much water. You’ll lose your steering, causing the vehicle to hydroplane out of control. Be especially on the lookout for dips during or right after a heavy rain spell.

We Can Look at Your Vehicle

Bring your car to Avery Automotive if it behaves erratically after going over a dip. Our repair financing makes servicing affordable. Our auto service often treats damage stemming from driving over dips in the road or potholes at high speeds.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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