Should You Fit Your Car with Run-Flat Tires?

run-flat tiresTires don’t come in a single style. Varieties include passenger, touring, and performance tires. Within these options, you also have the choice of all-season and winter tires. Run-flat tires are another choice most people are unfamiliar with.

What Are Run-Flat Tires?

Run-flat tires have a special design that allows the driver to continue driving safely for several more miles after a puncture. The exact distance differs depending on tire brand. Bridgestone run-flat tires, for instance, can travel for approximately 50 miles at 50 mph after a puncture. Unless you’re way out in the boonies, this should be more than enough to drive to the nearest auto repair center.

How Do They Work?

Most auto services and tire centers provide two types of run-flat tires: self-supporting and support ring tires.

  • Self-supporting tires contain a reinforced sidewall that continues to support the tire even as it loses air.
  • Support ring tires activate a ring of hardened rubber that supports the tire’s weight during air loss.

With run-flat tires, you don’t have to pull over on a dangerous road to change the tire or use a tire foam fill kit.

Why You Should Consider Them

Most seasoned motorists have experienced a tire blowout at least once in their many years of driving. In the United States, roughly seven tire punctures occur every second. 27% of all roadside emergencies are also tire-related. Finally, the average commuter will experience a flat tire five times in their lifetime.

We don’t present these statistics to frighten you, but to show that tires can blow out when you least expect it.

We Supply all Tire Types

Call Avery Automotive for a scheduled service appointment. We’ll replace, rotate, align, or balance your tires. Our repair financing makes such services affordable. For daily commuters, we recommend run-flat tires no matter the type of car.

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