Does Your Car Need Suspension Repairs?

suspension repairsCar owners tend to take the suspension for granted. This is a pivotal component consisting primarily of the shock absorbers and struts. Worn undercarriage parts cause control and stability issues. We’ll identify the signs that your car needs suspension repairs.

A Word About Lowering the Suspension

First, we want to discuss a few points about cars with a lowered suspension. A lowered car looks cool, but having the suspension closer to the ground has implications. This includes:

  • More stress on the shock absorbers
  • Tire and suspension damage from the tire’s rubbing against the metal
  • Tire wear due to a change in camber position

Our auto service reports a disproportionate amount of suspension repairs on lowered cars. ALL vehicles, however, require a regular suspension check.

Signs of Suspension Wear

  • Rough Ride—the car ride may feel less smooth. Small road bumps may cause the car to bounce excessively.
  • The vehicle may drift or pull during a turn. When the shocks wear out, they no longer have the strength to keep the car stable against the centrifugal force of a turn.
  • The car may lurch forward even when braking gradually. A worn suspension increases the stop time by 20%.
  • Uneven tread wear—a worn suspension won’t hold the car evenly, placing uneven pressure on the tires. You may notice more wear on one side of a tire.
  • Try the bounce test. Move to the front of the vehicle with the parking brakes on. Press your weight down on the hood. Does the car continue to bounce even after you remove your hands? If so, the suspension is bad.

We Do Suspension Repairs

A faulty suspension is a serious matter. Make haste to Avery Automotive for an auto repair. Our repair financing covers such type of maintenance. Suspension repairs are necessary when the car and the steering feel “off.”

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Suspension Repairs for Normal and Lowered Vehicles

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