What Exactly Happens During a Car Tune-Up?

tune-upCar owners bring in their vehicle for a tune-up at regular intervals that vary based on make and model. Most people know the gist of what happens in a tune-up, but few know specifically what takes place. We’ll explain what the auto service mechanic checks under the hood and why it’s important.

Tune-Up Inspection at a Glance

A tune-up may differ depending on the model and year of car. For a modern American-made vehicle, you can expect an auto repair service to test the emissions, ignition, and fuel system to look for worn vacuum hoses, faulty oxygen sensors, and other parts that can hamper performance.

Why is this important? A bad oxygen sensor, for example, can provide inaccurate readings and reduce fuel economy by as much as 40%. A tune-up may also include an air filter replacement. A clogged filter can reduce acceleration by 6 to 11%.

The mechanic may also check for the following:

· the vehicle’s computer for any fault codes

· the fuel feedback control loop to confirm the system enters from open to closed loop as the engine heats up

· the engine vacuum to detect air leakage

· the spark plug for signs of wear on the electrodes

· battery voltage – vital for the vehicle’s onboard electronics

Your car’s user manual should specify the interval for a car tune-up. If no interval is specified, then we recommend a tuning every 50,000 miles. Older cars, particularly from early-90s and earlier, may require more frequent and extensive tune-ups.

Schedule an Auto Tune-Up for the Summer

Avery Automotive recommends a tune-up if you’re planning a lengthy summer road trip. A professional set of eyes inspecting your vehicle may yield hidden engine deficiencies. Our special offers cover pre-trip maintenance checks. Now you know what goes on in a tune-up, so schedule your next auto service at Avery Automotive today!
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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