What Are Your Options for Car Window Tinting?

window tintingCar owners apply window tinting to their cars for a variety of reasons. Some don’t want people peeping into the windows, while others just think tinted windows look cool. Our auto service provides several choices when it comes to window tinting. We’ll go over the choices and how each affects the final quality.

Types of Window Tinting

Dyed Tint Film

This option is usually the least expensive. It consists of a dye used on an adhesive that is applied to the window. The dye absorbs solar energy, thus preventing some heat from entering through the window. The dye has a flat and opaque appearance, limiting outside view while allowing ample visibility from the interior.

Metallicized Film

This consists of microscopic metallic particles embedded in the film. The metal increases window strength and makes it more shatter-resistant in a collision. The metal also creates a shiny and glossy appearance from the outside.

Carbon Window Film

Carbon-based film is effective for blocking infrared light. This keeps the cabin cool and prevents the AC from having to work as hard. Keeping the light out also prevents the upholstery from fading over time. This type of film is a bit darker and has a matte-finish.

Ceramic Film

Ceramic is of higher quality than the others and also the most expensive. This tinting consists of ceramic particles that block up to 50% of solar energy. It also retains visibility from the interior even in the evening. Ceramic film is highly resistant to glares and also makes the window more shatter-proof.

Let Us Tint Your Windows

Bring your car to Avery Automotive for a professional window tinting. We advise against using DIY tinting kits, which can result in poor quality if not installed correctly. Our special offers may apply for this type of service. Our auto repair service handles window tinting for all makes and models.

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