The 4 Main Types of Car Springs

types of car springsAutomobile springs play a vital role. They absorb the impact whenever your tires drive through a pothole or over other uneven terrain. There are four types of car springs, and they play an integral role in the suspension system. Our auto repair service works with vehicle springs all the time and knows the best type for every automobile model.

Coil Springs

These are similar in appearance to the coil springs in a mattress. They are rarer now but were once common in older cars. They are located on the lower and upper control arms, and are more than capable of handling heavy loads. Unfortunately, they don’t exactly provide the smoothest ride, hence they are no longer in use.

Leaf Springs

This is another spring found primarily in older pickup trucks. These are located in the rear, and may be layered to accommodate a greater load capacity. These come in the form of a long metal strip that is bowed to allow for ample rebound. Like their coil counterpart, leaf springs are also somewhat of a rarity nowadays.

Coil Over Springs

This is the spring found in most modern cars. These are basically coil springs 2.0 which utilize highly sophisticated spring technology. They’re often located in the front, though some high-performance cars also have them in the rear.

Lowered Springs

Lowered springs are an aftermarket option. They lower the car’s suspension and overall center of gravity. These springs enhance performance, but the shorter length may make for a bumpier ride. This is the spring to enquire about at your local auto service if you’re interested in the souped up car look.

We Do Car Spring Inspections and Modifications

The springs wear out just like any other part. If your commute feels bumpy and is leaving your bottom sore, then bring your car to Avery Automotive for an inspection. We have special offers for such repairs. We fix, repair, and replace every type of car spring.

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Car Spring Adjustment and Replacement

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