4 Habits that Damage Your Automatic Transmission

automatic transmission damageWe ended the year with a post describing poor driving habits that destroy a manual transmission. Of course, those who drive an automatic don’t have to worry about these habits since there are no stick and clutch to fumble with. With that in mind, though, automatic transmission damage can still occur due to poor maintenance and driving patterns. Here are four habits that will wreck an automatic transmission.

1. Vehicle Overheating

Most engines operate at maximum efficiency at a temperature of around 200 degrees. A temperature of around 240 degrees is dangerously high. At this level, the transmission fluid can turn to varnish, making it unable to lubricate your transmission.

Factors such as an obstructed cooling system or a leak can lead to overheating. Prevent this by having your car periodically inspected by an auto service.

2. Abrupt Stops

Unless it’s an emergency maneuver, you should never slam on the brakes. Constant sudden stops can stress the transmission mounts. Our auto repair crew have often noticed damage of this kind in vehicles frequently driven by teens or other inexperienced drivers.

3. Drag Racing for Short Distances

Drag racing from one stop light to another quickly heats up the torque converter. Frequent fast acceleration for short distances doesn’t give the transmission enough time to cool down. This can significantly damage the driveline components.

4. Rapid Shifting from Drive to Reverse

This one is a major problem for frequent off-roaders. Frequent back-and-forth shifting between drive and reverse is necessary when the car gets stuck in mud, snow, or sand. This will cause an excessive heat buildup in a very short period and burn out the transmission. If you’re unable to free your car after several attempts, then stop completely and call a tow service.

Automatic Transmission Damage? Let Us Have a Look

Bring your car over to Avery Automotive for a routine inspection. A check under the hood may reveal damage that can be remedied before the problem gets worse. Or financing options make repairs affordable if servicing beyond typical maintenance is required. Damage to the automatic transmission is serious and should never be shrugged off.

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