4 Bad Manual Shifting Habits That Are Destroying Your Transmission

bad manual shifting habitsSome purists consider driving a stick the “true” way of driving. Operating a stick shift can indeed be a thrill. You can, however, also end up damaging the transmission if you don’t shift gears properly. Our auto service identified these four bad manual shifting habits which can cause premature transmission wear.

Manual Shifting Habits to Avoid

1. Not Fully Depressing the Clutch

Without even realizing it, most stick shift drivers are guilty of this habit. Create a new habit out of pressing the clutch until it hits the floor. Pushing the clutch only half way is detrimental to the drivetrain.

2. Downshifting at a High Speed

You should not downshift to second or third gear when the car is at freeway speeds. An audible vibrating sound is a telltale indicator that the speed and gear do not match. Only downshift as you’re slowing down and upshift as you’re speeding up.

3. Depressing the Clutch When Moving Uphill

It’s an instinctive reaction to depress the clutch along with the brakes to prevent the car from rolling backwards on a hill. This greatly stresses the clutch. Braking and applying the parking brake is enough to keep the car in its place.

4. Heel-and-Toe Shifting

Heel-and-toe shifting is the practice of placing your right foot on the gas and brake pedal at the same time. This is a popular practice among professional racers because it enables a smooth downshift when accelerating out of a turn. Doing this incorrectly, though, can stress the clutch.

We Perform a Complete Transmission Diagnosis

Bring your car to Avery Automotive if the shifter or clutch is acting up. Our auto repair service can determine what kind of damage, if any, has been done to the transmission. Our financing options make repairs affordable, even if a complete transmission replacement is required. Remember: bad manual shifting habits make repairs necessary sooner than later.

Manual Transmission Inspection and Repairs

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