Should You Clean or Replace Your Car Filters?

Clean & Replace Car FilterOne question we often get from car owners is whether they can simply clean their filters instead of having them replaced. Eventually, all filters need to be replaced by a qualified auto service. However, some can be cleaned and reused before a replacement is in order. Ultimately, it should be left to a qualified expert to determine whether you need to clean or replace a car filter.

Types of Car Filters

Intake Air Filter – This removes dirt, debris, and other abrasive particles from the air as it enters the engine for the combustion process.

Oil Filter – This filter removes impurities from oil responsible for lubricating the engine components. The oil filter is usually replaced with every oil change.

Fuel Filter – This removes impurities from the fuel before it enters the engine. In a diesel vehicle, the filter removes water to prevent corrosion of metal parts.

Cabin Filter – This filters dust and pollen from the air that enters the cabin. A clean cabin filter is especially essential for drivers and passengers with allergies.

Which Filters Can Be Cleaned?

Oil and fuel filters generally need to be replaced and cannot be cleaned. The air intake and cabin filters, on the other hand, can be cleaned by the car owner. These filters can be cleaned by tapping on it to remove loose particles. You can then vacuum and wash it using a cleaning solution. Be sure the filter is absolutely dry before putting it back. A wet filter can damage the engine. It’s also recommended to clean the casing that houses the filter. A quick once-over with a vacuum will do.

Clean or Replace the Car Filter? We’ll Make the Call

Contact Avery Automotive to get all of your filters checked. For the intake and cabin filters, our auto repair crew will determine if they can be cleaned or if a replacement is in order. Our repair financing makes all servicing, including car filter cleaning and replacement, affordable.
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