10 Fall Car Care Tips to Keep Your Car in Top Condition

October Car Care Month | Top 10 Care Tips | Avery AutomotiveDue to harsh weather conditions, summer and winter usually call for more attention to car maintenance than other times of the year. Now, as a chill descends in the air and the leaves change color, it’s time to check the status the key components of your car. The systems designed to deal with extreme weather are especially important. A light drizzle can become a big problem if your tires or windshield wipers are in bad shape.

Simple & Easy Fall Car Care Tips

Follow these simple car care tips for the fall season. These checks should only take a few minutes. They will save you a lot of time later by taking care of problems that the coming season’s driving conditions can cause.

  1. Check windshield wipers and headlights to ensure you can see and be seen. Make sure all exterior and interior lighting is working properly. Replace old wiper blades so your driving isn’t hampered by rainy conditions.
  2. Inspect the steering & suspension system. This includes struts, shock absorbers, and chassis parts like ball joints, tie rod ends and other related components.
  3. Check the tire pressure and tread of tires. Uneven wear on tires can mean that one of your tires is underinflated, which affects your car’s fuel economy and handling. It can also mean that your wheels are out of alignment, causing an uncomfortable ride due to stress on your suspension.
  4. Check the HVAC system because proper heating and cooling performance is crucial for safety and for interior comfort.
  5. Check hoses and belts. They should not be loose, brittle, frayed, cracked, or show signs of excessive wear.
  6. Inspect engine performance to confirm it’s delivering the optimal balance of fuel economy and power, as well as producing the lowest level of emissions.
  7. Check the battery and replace it if necessary. Make sure the connection is tight, clean, and corrosion-free.
  8. Look over the exhaust system for damage, leaks, and broken supports or hangers if there’s an unusual noise. Exhaust leaks are dangerous. You should correct them immediately.
  9. Notice the feel of your brakes. If your brakes make scraping sounds or feel spongy and soft when depressed, stopping may become difficult during inclement weather.
  10. Check all fluids such as power steering, transmission, brake, and engine oil, as well as antifreeze/coolant and windshield washer solvent.

Proactive Preparation for Your Car

Getting your car ready for winter weather while the temperatures are mild is a proactive way to prevent unexpected repairs or unsafe situations. If you discover a problem with any of the items listed above, the safety and comfort of your car may be compromised. Stop by, give us a call, or email Avery Automotive today for a comprehensive service check to ensure your car is ready for winter weather. Don’t forget to check out our special online discounts and our excellent repair financing!

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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